YMCA at Woodside Elementary

The Woodside Y provides a unique experience for the families of this school community! Every day is filled with more activities than seem possible for the few hours that children are there – STEM, art, sports, organized outdoor games, creative brain teasers, and healthy eating are just a part of what the team of staff at Woodside provide each day! This site provides care before school beginning at 7am and afterschool until 6pm throughout the school year.

Cristina Marcelino-AhlstrandSite Director

Cristina Marcelino-Ahlstrand is a real presence at the Woodside Y, and lives the YMCA Character Values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility – setting the bar high for staff and children alike! Cristina has worked wonders at the Woodside Y since she started many years back, transforming the site into the highly stimulating environment that it is. You can reach Cristina at the site phone number or at cahlstrand@ymca-cba.org.

YMCA at Woodside Elementary
761 San Simeon Drive
Concord, Ca 94518
(925) 602-0114