Enrollment – Eligibility Requirements

Enrollment is open to all families who qualify for services. Certain criteria determine which families have the highest priority for placement in state- and federally-funded programs.

In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements, in order to be enrolled in any full-day or full-year program, all adults in your family must have a documented need for child care services for the days and hours of enrollment in the child care portion of the program. Documentation verifying need for care, employment/training or school hours must be received prior to program enrollment.

If your family participates in a full-day child development program, it is your responsibility to notify the Y of any changes in family income, family size, or reason for needing child care (including changes in the adult’s training/work schedule of school/employer) during the year. Documentation will be requested to verify these changes and the child’s service hours will be reduced or expanded based on current status. Evaluation of your family’s eligibility and need for subsidized child care services will be made annually. Should changes occur affecting your eligibility or need for care in any state-funded program, a Notice of Action form will be given to you at least 14 days in advance of the effective date of the change (or mailed to you at least 19 days in advance of the effective date of the change).

For some programs, re-enrollment is required annually. This means you may have to re-apply, bringing proof of income, employment and/or school in order to remain in the program. Any change in family income, family size, marital status, work/school or anything affecting eligibility, must be reported immediately. Health and TB clearances must also be submitted on a regular basis, depending on your child’s age. It is your responsibility to provide the program with updated information. Please notify the family advocate for your center if there are any changes in your family status. Inaccurate information or failure to report changes may result in termination of program services.

There are no fees for Head Start, Early Head Start or State Preschool services if your family meets the income or other eligibility requirements. State subsidized child care has a family fee scale based on your income and family size.

How to Enroll

Download an application below or pick up a copy at the West Y office located at 2009 10th St. Berkeley, CA 94710. All applications must be completely filled out and turned into the office.

By signing the enrollment forms, the enrolling parent or legal guardian is certifying that they have legal physical custody and authority for the child. California law requires that parents who have joint legal custody have equal access to all information regarding the child.

If you have legal issues, court orders must be submitted to prevent the other parent or legal guardian from certain activities such as picking up the child or visiting the child at the Center. However, we reserve the right to prohibit individuals from being at the Center if the health and safety of any child is threatened or compromised.


Application - English Forms

Application - Spanish Forms