Albany Delegation

Welcome to the Albany Delegation

This program gives high school students an opportunity to experience democracy in action and is designed to foster a strong sense of civic responsibility. Students participating in the program meet weekly with their local delegation and travel to three conferences per school year.

During their weekly meetings, delegates work together to solve a problem facing Californians by researching and writing an effective piece of legislation. Later, at the state capitol in Sacramento, delegates present, debate and vote upon the proposed legislation and an elected Youth Governor either signs or vetoes the bills.

Through hands-on participation in a variety of civic roles, students learn to understand and appreciate the California state government. In the process, they learn self-confidence, problem-solving, collaboration, public speaking, logic and the art of argument—all while building a lifelong sense of value. For further information, visit the California YMCA Youth & Government’s website.

Model Legislature & Court meets on Monday evenings from 7:30-9:00 at our Ocean View School, 1000 Jackson St., from September through February.

The Model Legislature & Court program includes three conferences: Training & Elections 1 in November, Training & Elections 2 in January and the Model Legislature & Court in February.

Model Legislature & Court Spring Conference

Each spring the Model Legislature & Court program gives high school delegates an additional opportunity to flex their political muscles. The annual Spring Conference is designed for both current program participants and for youth who are interested in learning more. Conference participants learn leadership skills, practice their speech and debate skills, and run for office in a fun and relaxed environment. For further information, visit the California YMCA Youth & Government’s website.

Meetings for Spring Conference begin in March, two weeks after the Model Legislature and Court.  Meetings are held at the same time and location as the Model Legislature & Court program.

Spring Conference is a stand-alone conference which is held in April.  Participation in the Model Legislature & Court is not required to participate in Spring Conference.


Contact Information:
Sebastian de la Rosa
Teen Director
(510) 525-1130