Albany Delegation

Welcome to the Albany YMCA Model United Nations Delegation

This program is a simulation of the "real-life" United Nations that gives middle school students an opportunity to learn about current affairs, politics, economics and diplomacy through weekly meetings. Delegates give speeches, debate international issues, participate in committees, make new friends and attend statewide social events and dances. Culminates in late April/early May when delegates from around the state meet to establish their own student-run United Nations.

Through hands-on participation in a variety of roles, students learn to understand and appreciate the world around them. In the process, they learn self-confidence, problem-solving, collaboration, public speaking, logic and the art of argument - all while building a lifelong sense of value. For further information, visit the California YMCA Youth & Government’s website. 

Model United Nations meets on Wednesday afternoons from 2:30-3:45 pm at Albany Middle School from October through May.

The Model United Nations program includes two conferences: the Model United Nations Training Conference in March and the Model United Nations Summit in late April or early May.


Contact Information:
Sebastian de la Rosa
Teen Director
(510) 525-1130