3 new studios - YMCA PLEASANT HILL

There are 3 new exercise studios at the Irvin Deutscher Family YMCA - Pleasant Hill.  Check out our cycle studio, mind / body studo and our crossfit studio.



The indoor cycling program motivates you to get the most out of your cardio workout through music, imagery, interval training, and effective coaching.

• Beginners are encouraged to come early to receive instruction on bike set up.

• Space is limited: sign up at the Members Services desk 15 minutes prior to start of class.



Because we know that healthy lifestyles are achieved through nurturing mind, body and spirit, well-being and fitness at the Y is so much more than just working out. Y fitness facilities, provide educational programs to promote healthier decisions, and offer a variety of programs that support physical, intellectual and spiritual strength.



CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program unlike any other. It advocates a perpetually varied mix of aerobic exercise, body weight exercises, and Olympic weight lifting through a daily workout of the day.

CrossFit workouts are designed to improve multiple aspects of fitness including: Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, Stamina Strength Flexibility, Power Speed Coordination and Agility Balance Accuracy.