Youth Institute

The Berkeley Youth Institute is a digital media arts enrichment program for low-income high school students committed to preparing teens for success in tech and creative careers. Our primary goal is to foster a safe, brave and supportive community that provides our young people with the resources and digital literacy required to be competitive in the 21st century. Using a hands-on, experiential approach, YI encourages our members to:

  • Act in cooperation
  • Cultivate imagination and curiosity
  • Harness a passion for learning

We’re comprised of two components: The Summer Institute and School-Year Internship. The 8-week summer institute is the introduction to our program (open to incoming 9th and 10th graders), cultivating leadership and team-building through filmmaking and graphic design. The school-year internship focuses on skill building and workforce development through practicums and social enterprise-like projects.

For more information contact:

Brandyn Johnson
Youth Institute Program Manager
(510) 486-8415